The Most Cost Effective Ways to Sell Your Car

Throughout New Zealand, there are hundreds and hundreds of old, scrap, junk, wrecked and unused vehicles sitting out the back of properties, taking up space and not being used. If this sounds familiar to you, and you have no intention of using the vehicle any time soon, it may be time to consider selling it.

There are dozens of ways to go about selling your unwanted car. Some methods of selling will cost you money, others won’t cost you a cent. If you’re looking for the most cost effective ways to sell your car, you’ve come to the right place. On the Romfont Car Selling Guide, we’ll discuss the 3 most cost effective ways to sell your unwanted vehicle. From there, you can decide what method you’ll use for getting rid of your unwanted vehicle.

Romfont Car Selling Guide

What can you expect to get for your car?

You can be rest assured that no matter what age or condition your vehicle is in, you’ll be able to get money for it. What price you get paid for your car will depend on a number of factors:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle age
  • Vehicle condition
  • If the vehicle is still running or not
  • If the vehicle is warranted
  • If the vehicle is registered

Light commercial vehicles – such as vans, utes and trucks – are generally worth more than small private cars. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle through a car auction site, you can search for the make and model of vehicle you’re selling and see what they are generally selling for. If you’re selling your car through Facebook, you get to decide what you’ll let your car go for. And if you’re selling to a local car wrecker, they should be able to give you a free cash quote for your unwanted vehicle.

What safety precautions should you take when selling?

If you’re selling your vehicle to a stranger – perhaps through word of mouth advertising – you’ll need to ensure you take the right safety precautions, so that you’re not left without a car or any cash. If someone wants to come and take your vehicle for a test drive, make sure either…

  1. Go with them for the test ride – that way, they can’t drive off with the vehicle and never return! If you’re not comfortable driving alone with them, bring along a friend or family member that makes you feel safe.
  2. Take their car/house keys – if you don’t want to go with them for the test drive, suggest that they leave their house/car keys with you. It’s very unlikely they’ll drive off with your vehicle if they don’t have a way to get into their house afterwards!

Check out further tips on being safe when buying or selling a car on the Get Safe Online website.

Car Selling Tips

How to relocate a wrecked or damaged vehicle

Is your vehicle no longer in a working condition? If it’s not running, it may be a bit of a mission to have it relocated to the new vehicle owner. Your best option would be to sell the wrecked vehicle to a car wrecker, as they generally provide a free vehicle removal service. Otherwise, you’ll have to discuss with the new car owner who’ll pay to have the car towed to its new location.