Selling Your Car Through a Car Auction Site

Online car auction websites are used by thousands of people throughout New Zealand. It’s one of the most popular ways of buying and selling vehicles. There are many car auction websites that you can select from to sell your vehicle. Depending on what the fees are, you can list your unwanted vehicle on several different car auction sites (if you have a fixed price offer for it), as it will get more exposure for the sale.

One thing to keep in mind when selling your vehicle through a car auction website, is that there are likely to be fees involved. While some car auction websites will take a fixed fee when you list your car for sale, others will take a percentage of the price you sell it for. Make sure you check what fees are involved before you list your vehicle.

Car Auction Websites

Most popular car auction websites in NZ

Any of the below online car auction websites will work well for selling your unwanted vehicle. Take a look through their websites and see which gives you the best deal for listing your car.


Used for selling all sorts of items online, TradeMe is commonly used by both vehicle buyers and sellers. The fees for listing your vehicle vary from $39 – $99 (until its sold), depending on what type of vehicle it is. TradeMe gives you the option to list your vehicle for a fixed price, or auction it off (with whatever reserve price you select).

Auto Trader

Auto Trader is a website dedicated to buying and selling vehicles. You can list your vehicle from as little as $20 (or pay pay $40 for a premium listing) and there are no success fees. List your vehicle for a fixed price or as POA (price on application).

While these are the two most common car auction websites, there are many others available to list your vehicle on. Make sure to thoroughly check out the website/business before listing your vehicle, to make sure you it’s completely safe and professional.