Selling Your Car to Local Car Wreckers

One of the most popular ways to selling an unwanted car is through local car wreckers. That’s because there are generally no charges or fees involved with this selling method. Car wreckers are happy to buy vehicles of any make and model and in any condition – including unwarranted, unregistered and broken vehicles.

With dozens of car wreckers throughout the country, it can be hard to find which one to choose to sell your vehicle to. Take a look below at our recommendations for choosing a local car wrecker.

Selling to Car Wreckers

Choosing your car wrecker

To ensure that you’re dealing with the best car wrecking company out there, look for the following:

Free cash quotes

Not sure what your vehicle is worth? Find out what cash price you’ll be getting for your vehicle with a cash quote. Most car wreckers will provide this to you and stick to that price when they come collect the vehicle. You can also use this great car valuation tool to see what its worth (keep in mind that the price will be significantly different if your car is badly wrecked or damaged).

Free car removals

Forget having to fork out money to pay for a local towing and dumping service… deal with a car wrecking company that’ll remove your vehicle for no additional charge. Free car removals should be part of the entire package, so there’s as little stress for you as possible.

Great cash prices

Ensure you get the best cash price for your vehicle by dealing with local car wreckers who offer the best cash prices around. Many car wreckers are more than happy to beat competitor quotes – simply bring in the written quote from a local competitor and ask them to match or beat the price.

Help with paperwork

It’s a given that most people don’t know the first thing about what’s involved with transferring vehicle ownership. So make sure you choose a car wrecking company that can help with all of the paperwork involved.